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Here at Green Farm Innovations, we are all about agriculture, horticulture, arboriculture, and providing all of our customers with the highest quality fertilizers. We are a 5th generation agriculture family, so we understand everything it takes to grow the healthiest crops. We take pride in utilizing science and the highest quality sources of plant nutrients available to develop our custom formulated fertilizers that pass all state requirements for commercial organic growth operations. Some of our specific products include:

  • Liquid Fertilizers
  • Organic Insecticides
  • Soil Conditioners
  • And More!

Our Mission

Green Farm Innovations was created and built out of our passion for plant health care and the medical marijuana industry. Having witnessed the power of plants firsthand, we have made it our mission to become part of the new era of natural herbal medicine by providing the industry with the best plant nutrients available on the planet. We don’t want to sell the most fertilizer. We want to sell the best fertilizer.


We Are Best In Our Field

Why You Should Choose Us

24/7 availality

You can order our fertilizers at any time, any day, thanks to our online store.

Quality products

All of our fertilizers are the highest quality to guarantee that you grow the healthiest crops.

Certified team

Our entire team is made out of experienced agricultural experts who are driven by science.

Affordable prices

With our products, you treat your crops to the best fertilizers at the best prices.

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