Advanced Grow 4 Part Combo Kit (pHeno-GRO, pHeno-BLOOM, pHeno-MAX, and Cal-Mag N)

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Our Advanced Grow 4 Part Combo Kit is a step up from our 2 Part Combo Kit and is designed to take your grow to the next level. This kit will include all four bottles (pHeno-GRO, pHeno-BLOOM, pHeno-MAX, and Cal-Mag N). We've added in the Cal-Mag N to be used during propagation, during times of calcium deficiencies, and to also add in during vegetative growth to boost your ppm (parts per million) and help accelerate growth. We recommend using the Cal-Mag N at no more than 2 mL (milliliters) per gallon of water or you could see signs of nitrogen burn. The pHeno-Max is designed to be used during propagation, transplant, all stages of fruiting and flowering, and also when seeing signs of stress. Our pHeno-MAX is also recognized by commercial growing regulations as an organic fungicide because of the phosphorous acid.

We do not recommend the Advanced Grow 4 Part Kit to be used by beginners! All four products can be mixed with other products to save time or can be mixed by themselves. These products are safe for all plants but we recommend knowing your plants needs before using.

Note: The label configuration may change based on bottle size

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Advanced Grow 4 Part Combo

16 oz. (1 bottle of each), 2.5 gallon (1 bottle of each), 32oz. (1 bottle of each)