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pHeno-MAX is a P-K booster designed to be used during propagation, transplant, fruiting and flowering and also during symptoms of plant stress. We use true phosphite technology which is different than any other P-K products on the market. The reason why our product is different is because we use phosphorous acid and not phosphoric acid. Phosphorous acid is taken up by plants and absorbed into plant cells as phosphite ions. Phosphite ions are extremely effective in controlling disease and activates the plants natural defense system. When the plants natural plant defense system is activated, the plant will produce more roots and larger fruits and flowers as a way to reproduce. Not only will your buds, fruits, roots and flowers increase, but this product is recognized as an organic fungicide by commercial growing regulations as well.

pHeno-MAX can be used with other products or by itself as a soil drench or a foliar spray.

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1 gallon (4x32oz.), 16oz, 2.5 gallon, 250 gallon tote Call for pricing, 30 gallon drum Call for pricing, 32oz

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