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We are proud to offer the highest quality liquid fertilizers, organic insecticides, soil conditioners, and more to guarantee that you grow the healthiest crops.

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Cal-Mag N 6-0-0


PHeno-BLOOM 2-8-3 Liquid Fertilizer


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Why Green Farm Innovations?

If you are looking for the best fertilizers for your home and garden or commercial crops with high yield, you can find it at Green Farm Innovations. As a 5th generation agriculture family, we know what it takes to grow the healthiest crops. We take pride in utilizing science and the highest quality sources of plant nutrients available to develop our custom formulated fertilizers that pass all state requirements for commercial organic growth operations.

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Why Fertilizers?

Fertilizers are the secret to crop success. They are applied to the soil, directly on the plant, or added to aqueous solutions to help maintain soil fertility, improve crop development, quality, and yield.


Our Mission

Green Farm Innovations was created and built out of our passion for plant health care and the medical marijuana industry. Having witnessed the power of plants firsthand, we have made it our mission to become part of the new era of natural herbal medicine by providing the industry with the best plant nutrients available on the planet. We don’t want to sell the most fertilizer. We want to sell the best fertilizer.


Being a leader in the fertilizer industry, we wanted to create a product that would simplify things for the grower by saving them time and money while increasing yield in less space. As a result, we used a technology of genetic plant extracts from the healthiest plants in the most extreme climatic conditions around the world to create a top-notch 2-part fertilizer combo system. Now, after 5 years of research using the latest advancements in plant nutrients, we are proud to finally release pHeno-GRO and pHeno-BLOOM. Not only do these products have a 6.2-6.4 pH right out of the bottle when mixed at 30 mL per gallon of water, but you can expect to see an increase in growth, flower and bud production, water and nutrient absorption, healthier roots, and beneficial microbial activity in the soil every time you use them.

2-Part Fertilizer Combo Kit
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Fertilizers: Solid, Liquid, or Gaseous Substances

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