2 Part Fertilizer Combo Kit (pHeno-GRO & pHeno-BLOOM)

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pHeno-GRO & pHeno-BLOOM was created and released to the public after 5 years of research using the latest advancements in plant nutrients. We use a technology of genetic plant extracts from the healthiest plants around the globe living in the most extreme climatic conditions (heat, cold, wind, drought and shade). We wanted to simplify things for the grower by saving them time and money while increasing yield in less space. Our products right out of the bottle when mixed at 30 mL per gallon of water have a 6.2-6.4 pH. When using our products you can expect to see an increase in growth, flower and bud production, water and nutrient absorption, and healthier roots while promoting beneficial microbial activity in the soil.

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Manufacturer: Green Farm Innovations

Weight: 3 lbs

Category: All


GreenFarm Innovation pHenoBLOOM gallon

GreenFarm Innovation pHenoGRO gallon


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2 Part Fertilizer

16oz. (1 bottle of each), 2.5 gallon (1 bottle of each), 32oz. (1 bottle of each)