Cal-Mag N 6-0-0

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Cal-Mag N 6-0-0 is an additive designed for plants that require more calcium than others and also for helping root production during propagation and transplant. Our Cal-Mag N is derived from calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, and fulvic acid for instant availability to the root zone. The fulvic acid aids in the uptake process which is why you only need 1-2 mL (milliliters) per gallon of water. The most common reason(s) for needing Cal-Mag N are when using RO (reverse osmosis) water or when growing in coco coir. We recommend using this product during the early vegetative stage for root development or at signs of deficiencies. This product can be used with other nutrients or by itself.

Using this product at more than the recommended rate may cause nitrogen toxicity due to its increased availability of nutrients.

Note: The label configuration may change based on bottle size

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Cal-Mag N 6-0-0

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